Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Independance Day, Malaysia!

Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia, i'm proud to be a Malaysian. There is no better place then your own country. As the saying goes, 'hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik daripada hujan emas di negeri orang', i find it so true.

Hope you people enjoyed the 3 days holidays. I know i enjoyed mine altho' we didn't go see the fireworks like we did last year at KLCC. In fact a fren of ours were saying he waited for an hour at KLCC but no fireworks...poor thing. On eve of Merdeka, we were so tired becos of the contest thingy that we slept before the countdown. But we didn't miss the 'Perbarisan' the next morning...we watched it from the TV that is...

After the perbarisan, both huby n me took off and went to OU....spend the last kopek of mega-sale shopping to find any other interesting things. We were supposed to watch a movie but once we reached OU we totally forgot about it. Ate at Sushi King (i love sushi). Huby is in good mood so he said i can choose any eatery that i wanted and since i crave for sushi, we went to Sushi King........its his' 2nd time (i kinda force him oso lar) and he don't like sushi, so he opt for tempura...still its not to his liking, hehehe.

Later in the evening we still have room for dessert. Head to Waffle World. Imagine its only 4pm and the place is full, we have to wait for people to vacant a spot for us. Had a plate of belgium-waffle with ice-cream each!! Mine is with banana while huby prefered his plain.

At nite, we got a chance to meet up with the couple fren which we suppose to meet few weeks ago. Had dinner at Kelana Seafood and catch up on old times.

The next day we were suppose to go back to Seremban but my MIL told us not to come back as a kenduri which was supposed to be held were postponed.

So huby decided that rather that stay at home and doing nothing, he spontaneously suggested that we go Genting. I immediately agreed to follow him to a day-trip to Genting. He said its been like 10years plus that he last went. For the record, i've been to Genting many times but i've never been to Genting with huby, not even during our courting days.

We reached the top of Genting at 11am. Good weather and so it was cooling. Since its difficult to find one in Klang Valley, we opt to have our lunch at Marrybrown at the indoor theme park. Dalam sejuk-sejuk tu sempat lagi makan ice-cream kat McDonalds, hehehe.

We walk and walk alot and see people from all races and people from all over the world there, they have Arabs, people from Taiwan & Korea. I didn't know there is like a mini-mall in the indoor theme park. It was our first time venturing at the shopping outlets. Its nothing to shout about lar cos they have outlets like Vincci, Padini, Bonia, Sinma, etc, the different atmosphere is it is in a theme park, that's all. Later we walkout out and enjoyed the breeze from the nearby hill and took photos.

Sunday took a short drive to Seremban. Took the Labu way to go back to KL at nite since the highway is jam.

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