Tuesday, September 18, 2007

JM Briyani

Last week just a day before the Ramadhan, our boss invite us for the SOD Team lunch. He suggested that we go for Briyani. So off we went to JM Briyani which is located in Subang Jaya. If i'm not mistaken they have another branch in Tesco Shah Alam. It was not our first time eating JM Briyani but it is our first time eating at Subang Jaya. I can tell you the restaurant was packed with people.

We ordered a few dishes and i must comment that the Ayam Goreng was very good. Its tender and tasty. Most of us had our briyani rice with fried chicken, 'ayam masak merah' or 'rendang kambing'. It is also served with 'dhall curry' and 'acar nenas'. Luckily the service was fast so we had our food earlier. I only fancy briyani mamak so i'm in no position to comment the JM Briyani rice. To me the rice is softlar.

Ah Boss also ordered their 'Tauhu Sumbat' and also 'Pecal'......perhhh...memang sedap!!... I forgot to take those pics. Overall i give 6 out of 10....remember....its becos i'm no fan of briyani johor.....for those who love it....no offence ya..
P/S : I'm not going to talk about the recent Anugerah Era that i went. Firstly because huby n me are not a fan of Era. Secondly, we were actually reluctant to go but becos we got the tickets free from my SIL and she sort of beg/wanted us to go, we have no choice but to go. Thirdly, after they remove Khairil from Era, we planned to boycott it. Of course lar, he's huby's cousin, we have to be bias-lar. Forthly, the show sucks!! Read the review from the newspaper, you'll know what i mean. The only best thing about it is Anuar Zain, yeah, his performance was superb!!


Sweettooth said...

hahahhaa patutlah i dok tunggu2 your entry abt anugerah era heheheee. mmg i pun bengang krill is outta erra but now becoz of him jugak skali-skala i turned to x-fresh fm when he's on air to support him eventho that station utk budak2 bwh umor.

Dazzelyn said...

Ya lor, kitorang pong kadang-kala dengar jugak Super K kat Xfresh...kesian kat dia...padahal he's a pioneer in Era.