Monday, September 03, 2007

Bee, you're a winner!

30th August 2007, Thursday is 'D' Day for both huby and me. We left home and had our breakfast at McDonalds. Then we head to The Curve. Reached there at precisely 10:30am. Walk to the Curve and the usher asked us to head to Ikea for registration and lunch.

Huby was quite calm and relax while i'm more nervous then he is. Of course when i asked him whether he was nervous when he go up the stage the first time, he said 'mestilah nervous'. But after a few stint, i'm sure most of the contestant were already familiar with it. The emcee for the day is Alvin from Red FM and Myra from Suria FM (both radio station belongs to The Star). They were funny and entertaining and the whether was good, not too much sun and didn't rain. We were there from morning till 7:30pm.

At noon, he registered and were given goodie bag from The Star plus a RM20 Ikea restaurant voucher for lunch. He ate fish n chips (boleh makan lagi tu!) while i had the 3 pieces fried chicken with mash-potato. Later all contestants had to change to a white t-shirt given by the sposors. At 1pm, all contestant were called for a briefing. To make it to the top 20, the grand finalist had to answer a 30-questions general knowledge quiz about the country. After the quiz, we were asked to adjourned to the Ikano driveway to wait for the result. I'm happy to announce that huby made it to the top 20.

The 1st challenge was to figure our newspaper mastheads and i'm proud to say that he got full marks for it. The top 20 then went through four more arduous and quite tough challenges which includes assembling a table within minutes and putting a puzzle together before the top give were announced.

Huby 'in-action', assembling a table.

We didn't really put high hopes for the prizes cos huby just wanna have fun but he certainly gained experience from it which you can never buy. He definately made new friends and had good times minggling with the winners. At the end of the day, we were both very very very tired but also very very happy to received the prizes just before the Merdeka.

Alhandulilah, at the end result, he made it to top 10, won RM3,500 worth of Ikea vouchers and Samsung phones and audio visual items which is an NV10 'state-of-the art' 10 mega-pixel digital camera and CTV 29". I'm very proud of him and i was there the whole time cheering and clapping and taking pictures of him. To me, he's a winner!!


Sweettooth said...

WOW!! best sgt2 tu. Congrats to both of u. Susah lah wei to get into top 20 apatah lg top 10...cayalah!!!

Dazzelyn said...

Thanks for the wishes. Rezeki!!

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