Thursday, September 13, 2007

Atilia at Nikko Hotel

Last saturday nite. Before leaving for Genting, huby n me went to KL for dinner. Later we decided to drop by Nikko Hotel. Reason being wanna see Atilia perform at the lounge.

FLASH BACK.....on the same morning, huby read in newspaper and saw a small article that mentioned Atilia will be performing Jazz at Nikko Hotel.

Its was a clear case of mistaken identity. Boy, were we embarrassed!! We walk-in to the lounge and saw a sweet looking girl performing with a pianist. I asked the waitress whether that girl is Atilia and she said yes. I asked her again, that she looked different. Then the waitress asked me, this is Atilia from the Malaysian Idol......!!!!!!

Nevertheless, we both decided to stay (since we're a fan of jazz music) and grab some drinks. Its our first time at Nikko Hotel. While enjoying the music and the beautiful was break-time, Atilia came up to us and introduced herself. She said too bad that she's not the Atilia that we wanted to see. I apologised but she said she's used to it. People mistook her for another singer by the same name.

But i must say (huby agreed), she really got great voice and very jazzy. Its just too bad she's not expose to the music industry. She was in the Malaysian Idol top 10 in 2004. That year, Daniel won the title and Nita was the runner-up.

Atilia is no new comer in the music scene. Her voice is impressive and she captivated the listeners that nite with her endless rendition of both oldies and new favourites. Huby asked whether she knows the song 'Masquerade' and she sang it for us that nite!!

What a sweet and polite person. She felt bad she gave us a 50% discount on our drinks on her account!! Gosh, we're the ones who felt bad!!

For all that nite, its a worth stay. We're definately going to see her again, this time, with frens.

Atilia is rotating her performances with another artist, accompanied by Richard Hoon on piano who is a great pianist himself. You guys felt like listening to some good jazzy and lounge music, go Nikko Hotel.

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