Monday, October 01, 2007

Buka Puasa @ the Zon

Last saturday, my bro's wife invited us to her hotel for berbuka puasa. Besides our family, she also invited her parents and her bro. So we had quite an time eating lar.

Food was not bad lar. After one round of main dish course, we didn't go for 2nd helping. Nowadays, rasa rugi go for buffet, we hardly eat much. There were plenty of food, the usual hotel serve. They have 1 whole lamb which was roasted. Haagan Daz ice-cream, ABM, chicken kebabs and satay. The lauk-pauk were okey lar. It was so hot that day that i think i drank,drank and drank. So by the time i wanna go for 2nd helping, i'm oredi too full. I just munch on the kerepek and oso their rojak buah n fruits. After leaving the hotel, my mom wanted to go to Ampang Park. Its only 9:15pm but most of the shops were already closing their shutters. Didn't get to see or buy anyting.

Huby n me overnite at Kelanajaya. At 4:30am, we took our mama/papa to Restoran Pelita for sahur. They're the only ones open 24hours so that's why we head there. This is our 3rd week taking our parents for sahur there. I dowan to trouble my mom preparing sahur and after that had to clean up, so we go out for hassle free. My parents pun suka!! We had mee goreng/mihun goreng, memanglar sedap, dimakan pula bersama telur separuh!!

Sunday bangun lambat. Went to Ikea cos my inlaws were there. Evening bought some lauk and kuih and i cooked rice at home. Berbuka kat rumah lah pulak after eating outside for 2 days.


Sweettooth said...

WHATT???? Haagen Daz for buffet???? *pengsannnn*

Dazzelyn said... sweet...i dun fancy but u give me Baskin Robbins, anytime babe!

Sweettooth said...

no way!!! haagen daz RAWKS!!! i tak sker BR. eh will u be at ur parents' place 1st raya?