Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Belated Treat at Eden

Went to Eden Subang Parade again last nite for me belated treat. Coincidently they're having a promotion on their steaks. Monday, all steaks going at 50% discount. My cute auntie and my cute cousin (gosh, i'm forced to mention 'cute' again!!!) treated us to a dinner treat. Remember the cuzin who is a 'die-hard' MU fan?? Well, i was forced to mentioned it again....hehehe.

Cute cuzin had a well-done Sirloin Steak, cute anty had medium well Blackpepper Tenderloin and huby had Rib-Eye Steak (what a bunch of carnivors!!). While yours truly (not being a red-meat eater) opt for Grill Cod Fish. My cute anty and cute cuzin ordered extra side-dish - 'french-fries' cos we're all so bloddy hungry. We didn't wanna order any soup cos we decided that its gonna make us not enjoy the main dish more.
My cod fish comes with salad, blanched spinach, 2 types of sos , corn in a cob & mashed potatoes. The fish is so succelent and i don't have to eat it with the sos cos its just tasty on its own. The carnivors enjoyed their steaks nevertheless.

We're too full to go for desserts. We end up having coffee at Tokmak's house with some kuih raya and roti boy. I received lovely gifts from my anty and my 2 cuzins. Thank you very much, i liked all the gifts very much.
I will be out of the blogging scene for a week. Goin for road-trip up north. Hope to be back with more.


Sweettooth said...

Darn! shud've asked me to tag along. Hubby was away in Kuching that Monday and I don't mind the 50% discount too =)

Anonymous said...

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