Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Team Dinner at the Cinnamon

Last nite, our boss invited us for Ramadhan break fast at Cinnamon, One World Hotel. The girls left office exactly after 5pm. However, we were all stucked in a massive jam for one whole hour. By the time we reached One Utama, we were tired and decided to go straight to the hotel and chat.

The place was fully packed. We were seated outside, which were very romantic and cooling. My boss's boss were quite happy with the place and the food and of course the company, hehehe. He said with the amount of price he's paying, the arrays of food, were just endless. Yay, we get his thumb's up!!

I only went for their Japanese and Chinese. Basically i had dimsum, sashimi, lok-lok, some chinese dishes, schezuan soup + bread, fruits and the marshmellow and strawberry dipped in the sinful chocolate fountain (buat rugi jer bayar mahal tapi makan sikit :) I didn't even go for their ice-cream or their ABC or their many types of fruit juice and desserts. Our big boss n "M" had their fave oyster, mussels, salmon (which she said very fresh) and salad. Ah Boss ate briyani, pasta, soup and some japanese. While the others had a little bit of this and that.

Probably with the SOD's laughing and making jokes, we were already too full (makan angin) kot...hehehe.

We all left around 9:45pm. Most of us had our tummy full (yeah, full of water and laughter!!)

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