Monday, October 29, 2007


Food, who doesn't love food??

We had glorious food during our teambuilding in Genting the other day. Since all hotels in Genting are fully booked hence we've got to stay in Awana. Breakfast at Awana was so-so, it gets bland on your 3rd day stay. For dinner, we had to take a shuttle to go to the skyway every nite. Some of the girls are really shrieking all the way when they got into the cable car. For me, its just so-so cos i'm used to cable cars.

Before we left for Kemensah, we had breakfast in the office pantry. JJ were so nice to get her mom cooked for us home-made tosai with coconut chutney and sambal ikan-bilis....sedap!! There were also some bakery bread from LL.

1st nite, we went to Ming Ren. We ordered the normal chinese dishes and also a request for Sharks Fin from IE. All of us had a bowl each. When the bill comes, its RM1,700!!! Surprise...surprise... that means each of our sharks fin costs rm120.00!!. Lucky thing the sharks fin is delicious with pieces of scallop and prawns and the fins are just so generous. I've never tasted the soup before, its something different from the normal sharks fin that usually you eat in restaurants. Other dishes includes my fave, steam cod-fish.

On the 2nd nite, we went to Genting Palace for another round of chinese, this time we ordered more but it cost less then the 1st day meal. We had steam-cod fish again, prawns, vege, soup, etc.

3rd day, before we all checked-out, we went for Genting indoor and outdoor parks. Later we had lunch in one of the noodle house restaurants. All of us had noodles and ah boss ordered extra dishes. Here are some photos about more food.


Sweettooth said...

glorious indeed! i want steamed cod NOW!

Dazzelyn said...

hahaha..... I want to eat nasi kandar and takua rendang now!!!