Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ramadhan Buffet at Eden...yet again

Yes, we went to Eden, again....food is good...why not. But this time it was with my 'cute' cousin 'FN' ( i was forced to mention 'cute') and my cute aunty 'M' (i'm forced yet again!)....

Huby and me fetched both of them who stays in Kelana Jaya at 6pm. We reached Eden Subang Parade approximately 6:30pm. The place has already had a long queue due to people who do not make reservation. Thank god, we made ours much earlier.

Lucky thing the range of food this week is different from the previous week. The fixed menus are beef/chicken satay, grilled lamb/beef/fish & dimsum. Others are asam laksa, bubur lambuk, sup ayam mamak, schzuan soup, ulam-ulaman and other main dishes.

My aunty is so satisfied with the food and my 'cute' cousin (yang tak suka makan buffet) mentioned that she's happy with the food. She ate a lot of dimsum and also drank a lot too and talks a lot too!!hehehe I pig-out like nobody's business too and this time memang over....i ate and ate till i'm full and i still ate!! Huby pun dig-in and we all made our money worth that nite. Aunty and 'cute' cousin pay their own.

I managed to take some pics of the food we had. There are photos of the 4 of us (in black)...macam dah janji pulak ada dress-code hitam....hehehehe.

BTW, my 'cute' cousin FN is a fanatic/die-hard Manchester United FAN....wen i said fanatic, i meant FANATIC!! She's so crazy over MU that her bedroom is an MU shrine/sanctuary!! I hope one day i'm able to capture her bedroom and put it in my blog to prove my point!!

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