Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Ultimate Bourne

During raya, huby and me quickly took a small chance we had to watch a movie. The not to be missed The Ultimate Bourne, the 3rd Bourne installment. Its first being The Bourne Identity and second is The Bourne Supremacy.

The movie is led by of course the return of Matt Damon in a role that he is perfect for.

This film is nothing short of a thrill ride. The starting pacing is just fantastic and we are taken to many different countries. Just when we think that we have the answers we were given another page to turn to get deeper into the conspiracy. Jason Bourne is again fantastic. His action make up for more than his words could ever say. We were especially impressed with the rooftop chase sequence. And the motorbike chase through the streets of Tangier, Morocco, is relentless and riveting.

At the end of the movie, you have to wonder if there will be a 4th film in the series. I, for one, could only hope that there is. This movie is the Ultimate movie this month. I highly recommend it, and give it my highest rating of the month thus far.

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