Monday, October 08, 2007

I went to Marakesh

Husband and wife went to Marakesh last Saturday. A very nice place, impressive! For those who have not yet been there, please go and visit the place. It has many new outlets plus Jaya Jusco is located in the same building.

The Marakesh that I'm talking about is not in Morocco. (Altho i hope one day i'm able to go to the actual place cos its one of my dream destination) Have you guys check out the new wing in Sunway Pyramid? If you have time during the festive holidays, go and check it out!

I wanted to go to Pavillion to see the new Parkson or Robinsons at The Gardens badly but becos its in KL and huby was not in the mood to drive there, we thot driving to Sunway won't be such a bad idea. That's why we ended up there.

There's a new food outlet called 'Opah' and they sell traditional food/delecacies. Maybe can tryout after the fasting month. Other new shops were also located at the Marakesh floor (ground floor). A few familiar outlets with new concept were located there too.

Of Jaya Jusco in Pyramid has a new concept and lotsa clothes choices to choose from. Its more brighter but huby said its too cluttered so he didn't really fancy the place, as for me, i'm good with new stuff. The rest of the floors are just normal mall layout. I only liked the "Marakesh" floor jer. They have few new stores, so go and check it our yourself.

Here's a pic taken from the 3rd floor, it the lobby part of the new wing.

Here a glimpse of the centre dome of the new wing.

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