Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Be the Change you want to see happen!

Yup, that's the title of the workshop that other colleagues and i attended yesterday. Its the organisational culture project (Project Iceberg) which started last week with a workshop with the core group to review the objectives and methodology of the project.

The next step now, is for all colleagues in the organisation to join in group workshops which will allow the capturing of insights from everyone regarding the various aspects of work in our company (Malaysia n Singapore). The purpose of this is essential to lead us into defining the type of culture we want.

By ‘we’, i think they really mean that the culture review will be based on all the insights gained from these workshops. That is why everybody in the company's participation is of utmost importance in this process because by attending this workshop, we will participate in shaping the organisation’s culture, yeah man!! Just listdown what you want (macam wishlist lar) and the management might take into account....but must bear in mind lah that it has to be realistic and for future undertaking....janganlah minta yang bukan-bukan/merapu.

This effort will only be truly fruitful if all of us fulfulled the participation in these highly interactive workshops. Well, we all contributed ideas/comments and that whatever were shared during these workshops will be strictly confidential.

These sessions last 4 hours only (thank god!!). Two external facilitators from ORI were in charge of each group. It is being divided into managers and non managers. I attended the 1st session and it was fruitful, we interacted and mixed with other colleagues from other departments, gathering information. In the end of the day, we all gained knowledge and hoped our wishlists to the company can become reality!!...hmm...wishful thinking?!!

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