Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Office Raya Deco

Last week we were dragged to our feet to decorate our office for the d raya festive. Every festive, eg: raya, deepavali, christmas and chinese new year, we'll deco our department. Other dept will do their own. No prizes for the best deco but just for fun, furtheremore the budget is there to buy the deco items.

This year we planned to recycle last year's item. And this time, we were too lazy to do much. So this is how it turned up (pathetic izen it?!). Huby said 'macam nak lepaskan batuk di tangga'......hehehe...i agreed. But the festive mood is there lah nevertheless.

10 more fasting days to go n counting....

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Sweettooth said...

eh apsal namapak mcm opis gomen pulak dah? hehehee alan is spot-on abt his comment heheee... jom lah join facebook. i've sent invitation to u.