Wednesday, October 24, 2007

White Water Tube Water Rafting

Yeah, we did rubber tube rafting expedition!!

18th Oct 07, a 12 seater coach picks us up from Awana and off we went to Janda Baik. It was a short trip. Weather was excellent! It was a fun and splashing good time. I'm a water person, so i definately lurve this sports or anyting to do with water, except diving....i'm scared of deep-sea diving, so that's a no-no.

A drive to Janda Baik was a short one. Once we reached the spot, we were been briefed by the guide, Brian. He has 2 other assistants. We were all equipped with helmet, tube, life-jacket and a paddle. Once we put on our gear, we're set up for first 2-by-2 training. Ah boss and his boss went first. Then MO and me, later the other girls.

There were many rapids that you have to go thru....the amazing thing is the tube will just take you thru the strong river current. It was an hour journey thru the rapid water where you have to handle the paddle and your tube. This is my second attempt. Last 2 years, we all had raft water rafting at the Kiulu River, Kota Kinabalu. Its a different kind of fun altogether. When you're doing tubing, you're totally on your own. Your friends will either be in front of your or behind you. All of us starts tagging in a diffrent order and we end up in diffrent order too. I just wish we had the time to swim in the river. We're not allowed as the current was too strong for us to do it.

My fren said, 'di saat-saat genting pun i masih lagi sempat 'posing' thumbs-up for the camera...hehehe...

My first feeling scary jugak...but once you get the hang of it....hey i wanna do it again man!! The water was cool. Total FUN FUN FUN...SPLASHING FUN!

This above pic was taken after everybody came upshore. All wet, tired but happy!!

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Sweettooth said...

mcm tak sangka u r brave enuff to do it kan? hehehee... waduh2 siap posing!