Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boston Grill + Fish & Co.

Boston Grill is an American Family restaurant that huby came across when he was having his field work in Cheras. He was looking at the menus the other day and said that he had to bring me to the place one day.

This afternoon, he took me to Tesco Extra Cheras, (used to be Makro). The restarant has a simple deco and the food price is so reasonable. The menus are limited at the moment. Altho they have a selection of steaks and burgers, their price is still a steal. They only have 2 types of soup (asparagus and mushroom). Their starter for onion ring cost only RM 5.00!! The deep fried mushrooms is only RM9.90. The place is still relatively new, they're just one month old, so there weren't many people during lunch time just now.

We 'sempat' lagi interview the staff. She said the place c0-own by a Malaysian (malay) but they also have a Singaporean partner. Its totally halal. The chef and most of the staff are malays. Go tryout when you are around Cheras area.

Huby had seafood platter while i had fish n chips (very typical of me!). I can tell you the battered fish is simply wonderful, not the normal kinda of breaded batter, this one is better!! Crispy and the fry is just perfect (not to hard and not too soft) it makes the fish succulent and juicy...i tell you!!. Huby's crispy squid and prawns were just right too, its fresh and the batter is crispy tasty. The tar-tar sauce is just so generous and their coleslaw is one of the best that we've tasted before!! The drinks are so cheap, a big tall glass of ice-lemon tea or any soft drinks cost only RM2.50 per glass!! In KL nowadays?? I don't think so. Even a bottle of Esprit fruit drink cost RM5.90.....izzit true?? Yes, only in Boston Grill.

We're planning to bring my parents there for my dad's birthday in November, insyallah. We're gonna try some other dishes pulak.

Last week, went to Fish & Co. at One Utama. Went there for my very belated birthday treat. I've been trying to get huby go to the place, so its his first time. He still prefers his Long John Silver fish but he enjoyed the food nevertheless. Monday, i'm getting another belated birthday treat from my anty and cuzin at Eden.....western food lagi...

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