Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Incentif trip

D company is taking us to Club Med Bintan in June 17th for our incentive trip, yahoo!! D resort is in Indonesia but we hv to fly via S'pore n take a ferry to d place. We all can't wait for d day 2 become real! Planned 2 extend a day 2 visit S'pore 4 shopping, dat if d airline don't charge us deviation fee-lar. Otherwise, we'll juz stay 4days/3nites at Bintan n c wat it can offer. Sum of us r trying 2 lose weight, s a fren of mine wanted 2 fit into her bikini for 'fun in d sun'...hehehe...we all can't wait 2 c her in her bikinis...we r supporting ur 'lose-weight' campaign 'S'....

More crap talk later.

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Sweettooth said...

WOW! I so wanna visit Bintan Island eversince TARA shown recently so make sure u gather enuff info 4me ya. Eh how come neva respond to comment one??