Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Bee

Wishing you, A Happy Happy Birthday. May Allah blessed you with abundance of good health, wealth and happiness. I hope that we are able to live life to the fullest, insyallah.

I wanna THANK U for everything that you have done for me especially during the 'trying' and 'testing' time. I know words are just not enough for i prayed that your kindness are paid.

Folks, i wanna talk about my bee. Please don't misinterpret, I'm not here to boast or brag or show-off but i wanna tell you about him.

When i was announced pregnant, the doctor gave me 2 weeks medical leave cos i was very weak. Bee took the whole week off and took care of me. The doctor also advised that i'm not supposed to do any housework or carry heavy stuff (usually preggers were advised that same!).

In the morning, hubby would prepare breakfast for me. He would make me a cup of milo and asked what i wanted for breakfast. Usually i opt for cereal cos at that time my appetite is not so good. After breakfast he would clean the dishes and clear the rubbish. He will sweep the floor and clear the dishwasher. Luckily we hire a maid that comes to the house twice a month to do mopping and ironing.

What i did was just rest in bed or watch TV. Bee will buy magazines for me to read and past my time. He didn't let me lift a finger. I was not allowed to go into the kitchen!! I will have to wash my hands in the bathroom.

At noon, he will go out to buy newspaper or run errand and buy us lunch. The he will set the table for lunch and served lunch for me. One of the days he will do the laundry (i just need to teach him once and he did it till now!!). Once the washing machine stops, he hangs the clothes. Gosh!! I felt so bad but i was helpless i just couldn't do anything. In the evening he will make sure that he makes drinks for me and sometimes buy kuih for 'tea-time'. Later in the late evening, he will asked me what i feel like eating and he will try to find it. Usually i ask for porridge or nasi goreng cos i don't wanna burden him so much. He will be so patient with me when i didn't or couldn't finish my meal. Gosh....he's so patient!!

My heart sank seing him doing all those house work but like i said, i'm already so helpless, there isn't much that i can do. I kept on apologising and he kept on scolding me cos he said he didn't mind. He said he just want me to get well soon.

The second week, i stayed at my mom's place cos he's got to go to work. He will leave in the morning and comes back in the evening. I had to thank my mom too cos she took care of my meals and ensure that i have enough rest. Sometimes she'll ask what i feel like having and will try to cook it.

After the miscarriaged, in our culture we were supposed to be in a confinement for at least 2 weeks to 30 days, so i was at home on medical leave, huby still does the things that he did. He boils water, set the table for meals, do the laundry, ensure that the house is clean and cleans the toilet. I'm so greatful for having him! I know its not an easy task for a man but he did it and didn't even complain!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH BEE. (Oya, i forced him to take me out on his birthday, i insist that i wanna treat him lunch, we went to Chill's at OU, huby had a combination n i had chicken breast. Lucky thing when i went to Hong Kong i bought something for him or else how am i supposed to get him gift when i'm sick and have been at home all this time, hehe....see how things happens for a reason!!)

He has been the one who gave me strength to go thru this testing time. The person who's given me courage and advise, the person with all the positive vibes and the person who prays for my fast recovery. He's cool with everything, so i guess that is why i'm on the right track. Maybe that's why i don't have post-natal depression or something like that. I'm indeed grateful.

I'm so thankfull to these people who has been very generous in helping me recuperate. I wish and pray that GOD will take care of them and bless them always!!

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Sweettooth said...

U are indeed very lucky, dear. I know he loves u!!!