Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vivo The Curve

Merry Xmas everyone...ho...ho...ho.

Woke up quite out of the norm....8:30am!!! Thot of staying at home jer but decided that we got to see the world!! Went for a quick breakfast at Restaurant FAM...i had curry mihun while bee had fried kway teow. Reached Ikea parking around 1pm and there were a massive-massive jam just on the way to One Utama and The Curve...

Jalan-jalan and thot of eating at Bubba but changed our mind cos i really feel like eating Speghetti. Saw Vivo.....hey this place not bad lah. The food is good and reasonable.

I had Creamy Mushroom Linguine (RM10.80)

Bee had Chicken & Mushroom Baked Speghetti (RM10.80)

I had Ice-blended Choco Brownies Mallows (RM8.80) and Bee had Sprite (RM2.90).

We're definately coming again to this place. Must try their pizza and western range.

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