Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dinner at Bagan Lalang

On Xmas eve, bee and i had to send out aunty to LCCT with her maid and nephew cos they're going to Kota Bharu for the long holidays. Coincidently our couple fren A&S ajak us to this new seafood place. They went once and wanted us to go tryout. Since we're already around the sepang area we said okey.

The name of the place is Restoran Bagan Lalang Seaview at Bagan Lalang, Sepang. During weekends they said, the place is full of people. But since its xmas eve, the place were not that packed. We were famished and so we ordered a lot of food. You choose the raw food and what type of cooking that you need and in 15-20 minutes time all the dishes will come.

Sweet Sour Seabass (Siakap)....good, i liked when the fish is not too fishy.

Spicy Lala, the lala is fresh and you can taste its fresh meat

Spicy Siput Buluh

Kangkung Belacan, ok-ok lah

'Ketam Goreng Tepung'

'Sotong Goreng Tepung'

Spicy Crab

I think tis is the furthest place that we had dinner with them. Afterward, we adjouned to A&W PJ for some waffles & ice-cream for dessert. Gosh, from one end to another!!!

We're quite turned off when we saw the crowd last nite...the queue was horrible!! But since we're there already, might as well join in the queue kan.

We chatted and chatted and drove back an hour after midnite and reached home around 2:15am!!

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