Monday, December 22, 2008

Xmas xchange gift

We had our xmas xchange gift today. This is the 2nd year we had it. One of our colleague was on leave, she took time off to come back to the office and brought her cute son. We had our xchange gift in one of our meeting rooms. The gift have to be in the range of RM15-Rm20, non edible and no Hinode items...hehehe...

The gifts, all nicely wrapped.

I got a spoon-rest and a decorative plate (from MO)

MO got an innovative lamp shade cum deco (from LL)

ME got a nice toileteries set (from SH)

SH got a lamp shade (from JJ)

JJ got a cool toothbrush holder (from ME)

LL got a handycraft bag (from ahboss)

Ahboss got a set of bottles (from me)

Oya, we decided to give ahboss a very very belated bday gift. I went with bee to search for it at Parkson One Utama. Since he wore cuff-link, we bought one for him. A 'Pierre-Balmain'...and he loved it!!
I think most of us liked our gifts and the xhchange were quite fun altho this year we forgot to put up the xmas tree in our department....due to busy deadlines with the closing month-end and upcoming conference next month...
Later we all went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch.

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Sweettooth said...

I baru nak puji the toothbrush holder is cute and convenient way to stack the brushes.