Saturday, January 09, 2010

Been awhile..

It has been awhile since i last blogged. I've been very very busy and didn't have much time to blog. Been busy at the office that by the time i go home, i do not have the mood to blog, just needed the rest.

I just want to post some photos. My relatives from KB came down to KL for school holidays and as usual hubby & I will invite them to our house for some get-together 'makan-makan'.

I invited them for dinner. I just cooked some very simple dishes, 'Ayam Masak Merah', 'Dalca Terong & Ubi Kentang', Mixed Vege, & Tumeric Prawns. All i cooked by myself with some help for my dearest hubby.

And for supper, its home-made Cheese Cake which i topped it up with sliced peaches & some currypuff & guava fruits dipped with 'rojak' sauce.

Later its photo time.


I've been eyeing my eyes on LongChamp handbags....i lurve them cos its mostly can be used for casual. They've got same range but with small/medium/large sizes with short/long handles, plenty of colourful ones and the best i loike about it is, its canvas like which is also water-proof. I managed to get a very good price from a blog.

A colleague of mine is also interested with the bag and so we bought it from the same blogger. She's a local who travels abroad and hence got us these bags at a steal.

Visit her blog :

Nowadays, i not only used it during weekends but also on a weekday...

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