Thursday, January 21, 2010

Le Masquerade du Victoria

I loike our annual dinner's theme.....

First time I got elected as one of d committee member. By d time they elect us, there wasn't much time cos it was already Nov last year!! There were gazillion things todo. There were eleven of us, all girls with one guy only. At first our theme was 'Bollywood' but unfortunately it was rejected.

Being a committee has given me added responsibility to my already busy & packed schedule. Nevertheless with teamwork, we had a successful AD&D. People are happy with the door gift, food, wines were aplenty, timing were okey & everything went quite well.

Each of us were given diffrent responsibilities. My dept was in-charge with F&B & awards ceremony. Others were door-gifts, liasing with the hoteliers, getting rooms for changing clothes, renting of costumes for the committees and top managements, getting the approval for budgeting, etc. It is good becos all of us can work amicably.

Our menu for the nite was fusion, we had OW special hot & cold-combination, potato salad, creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread, crispy chicken roulade with BBQ sauce, baked seabass fillet with honey, stuffed mushroom with abalone sauce, baked prawns with cheese sauce, fried speghetti with chicken & mushroom and lastly bread and butter pudding...its a 7 course meal.

Three make-up artists came to dress us up and were happy with the results. Everyone looked nice & pretty.

I didn't get to wear my mask much cos we were busy with the award ceremony presentation. I get to collect my 15years service award too. I enjoyed myself.

This mask comes without a stick, i improvise it by putting a stick to it cos i'm wearing my specs....too bad i couldn't use it much that nite.

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