Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy New Yeah 2010

Huby insists that we celebrate new year this year by the beach...n i have no qualms about it as i lurve beaches, hehehe.

We planned ahead & decided that its gonna be a leasure drive. We started off not too early. Made a stop at Kuala Kangsar (my first ever trip there) to tryout the famous Laksa melayu. I got a map from a fren but conviniently left it at home. But huby said he wanna try find it ourselves.

Before eating, we made a stop at one of the oldest rubber tree in Malaysia. The tree is more the 100years old. Took sum pictures for rememberance and head-off to the laksa place.

Yes, we made it. Its a small eatary food court near the handcrafted area & its also near the river bank . We ordered a plate of laksa, a plate of pasembor and a bowl of cendol to be shared...(cos we need to save some space in our stomach for the nasi kandar, hehehe).

Yes!! The Laksa is truly out of the odinary. There're different from the ones you had in Klang Valley. Its 'sedap'. And so is the pasembor & also the cendol. It is also cheap. After food, we head straight to Penang.

Upon reaching Penang, we'd thot we'd tryout Nasi Kandar Line Clear......but it was sooo hot that day and the queue is long we decided to eat at NK Yasmin.

Stayed at the newly renovated & refurbished Flamingo Hotel. Spend some few minutes at Hard Rock Hotel but didn't get to buy anything at their merchandise store...sigh....nothing interest me.

We celebrated New Yeah at the hotel lounge . Guests were given party-pack & the hotel had firecracker during the countdown & they put on 80's music which we enjoyed till after midnite.

We were supposed to stay in Penang for three nites but we cut short it to two nites only cos Bee wasn't feeling too well. Nevertheless, i enjoyed the outing very very much & am thankful 2 Bee cos at the same time i get to de-stressed myself by lepaqing by d beach & eating nasi kandar, hehehe...


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