Monday, September 14, 2009

My 13 hours making cookies

Yes....i couldn't believe it myself. I started making cookies yesterday from 7:00am till 8:00pm. Fuhh.....i've never done it before but yes, i did it!!

Of course my bro's sister helped a bit but she surrendered at 5pm!! And i continued....

We started by making a first batch of Oat Cookies. My SIL asked me why i didn't wanna use a mixer...i told her i'm still 'ol school at it....i much prefer manual labour in making cookies, it gives me a certain satisfaction. We made all our cookies at my mom's place. I lurved her new oven cos it has a timer and it makes baking much easier, i dun haftu looked at the clock, i juz wait for the timer to 'ring' and all i need todo it take-out the tray and put in anther set of tray. But i guess her electric bill will increase so much cos we used her over non-stop for 13hours straight!!

The second batch was another set of Oat Cookies before we moved on to Chocolate & Almond Cookies, which we also made in two batches. Lastly i made the Butter Cookies. After making it halfway, i realised that i don't have a pressed-cookie mould, so i went out for awhile with huby's help to drive me to the nearest hypermarket at my mom's place and bought one. The butter cookies was excellent in taste but not the outlook. It was too soft hence after the moulding, the cookies went rather flat....hehehe...

At nite, i couldn't lift my right arm...cos it was soo painful plus hubby helped massage it....and alhamdulilah, it turned out to be better today....thanks bee.

....i couldn't believed it myself, that i started off from 7am!! Altho i wasn't fasting but i didn't eat anyting, juz drank. My parents were happy with the chocolate and butter cookies. In future i'll stick to it. Oya, i wuz so bz, i didn't get d chance to take pics. But if u wanna taste d cookies, come over to my mom's place for Raya... :)

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