Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thai Thai Restaurant

Last nite we had department makan-makan for break-fast at Thai Thai. Its my first time and at d same time i took the chance to organise a birthday do for a colleague.

The food was quite good but service was bad....probably becos the place was packed kot...but still it shouldn't give them a reason. I liked the ambiance...very cozy, spacious and elegant.

We gave ahboss the previledge to choose the dishes. I only choose 2 starters. The portions were not that big and the price is quite reasonable. Ahboss introduced us to a 'mango salad' with catfish....(errmm...i dun eat catfish!!).....but ahboss promised that after tasting tis dish, i would not be looking at catfish dat way oredi....n he's rite....d dish were good!! Erm...but i still won't eat a catfish..hehehe....sorry, i'm one of d 'rawa' who doesn't eat a catfish...ewww....

Since i don't have enough time to order a birthday cake, i asked for the restaurant's manager's help and he's kind enought to accommodate to my needs. They bought the cake and charged us later.

After dinner and dessert, we get one of the waiter to serve the cake to the birthday girl. We finised at 9pm which for us is rather late. On usual dinner day, we usually finished around 8.30pm....maybe cos we start d diner late kot.

The cake is from Bread Talk and thank goodness, most of them loved the cake as its light and not too sweet.

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