Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My buka puasa so far...

I juz gotta post sumting tday cos i loike d date tday...09/09/09.

I'm juz gonna post previous posting which i haven't got d time to put up cos i havent been in good health lately...bee's also not well. We hoped by raya, we'll get well soon.

I've only been to 3 houses for breaking fast. First week at MIL's. Later we had it at my parent's place and also to an aunt's place where i met my another anty and 2 cousins. Becos our health hasn't been so good, i tried to cook as much as i outside food.

As usual at my aunt's place, she cooked plenty of food that day, so much to eat!! Here's a pic of us goofing around in my aunt's bedroom.

I've also invited my parents, bro & his wife 2 my place for 'bukapuasa'.... altho i'm still not that well, i still insist on inviting them cos every year i made sure they bukapuasa at my place. Tapi dalam tak sehat tu, i sampat make Spicy Oyster-Sauce Seabass, Sauteed Taugeh (huby felt like eating tis dish), Seafood Tomyam Soup (papa muz have soupy dish), HongKong Eggs (a recipe i got from my Kuching aunt) and Rose Chicken. My parent only bought Siput Masak Lemak and my bro bought lotsa savories and sweet foodies for our dessert.

Today, we juz bought some food and eat at home....we had these packed-food for our bukapuasa. We hardly go out nowadays...with us both not well, plus the H1N1 thingy...we try to lessen out activities outside. We hoped and prayed that we'll get well soon.

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