Monday, September 28, 2009

My syawal celebration

Our 1st Syawal celebration tis year is in my in-laws. But on raya eve, we 'beraya' with my parents first.

Its was hectic but nevertheless the best ones i've had so far. On d 1st day, lots of guests came to the house n we're busy with preparation after preparation....but we get to meet relatives, neighbours and frens from all walk of it chinese as well as indians. The kitchen were only closed rite after midnite. It was fun cos everybody helped and time ends so fast.

2nd Syawal were at my MIL's kampung which is in Selandar, Malacca. I luved goin back there cos i like the kampung environment plus its been 3 years since i last visited the ol'folks.

We left for KL on the 3rd Syawal after having lunch at huby's cuzzy's hse which is also MIL's neighbour. As usual rice, rendang, nasi himpit & the norms were served.

5th of Syawal were at huby's side. We visited his uncle (MIL's brother) who is not well. After having lunch at their place at Mont Kiara, we left for Damansara to huby's cuzin's house. We had light food there. Last stop is at my BIL's house in Alam Damai. By the time we finished visiting, it was already late evening....n i'm oredi tired.

6th Syawal, we visited uncles & aunties at my late grandma's house. 7th Syawal, an aunt from USJ invited us for lunch. Those who didn't attend her house on the first nite of syawal were there. That same nite, inpromptuly, i arranged to make some 'makan' supper at my house. But i only called my parents, bro/SIL and d family from KB. I juz cooked simple dishes, mee hailam & meatloaf. I did steal a bit of time earlier that day to bake choc cupcake to bring to my auntie's house & for that nite. Huby just bought some satay to add to the table.

Starting from 9th syawal onwards, it's back to R.O.U.T.I.N.E...which is soooo boring....cos its back to work.

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