Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Of late, two of our colleages suffers from wrist-pain. They complaint that they've suffered from too much of using the 'mouse'. So far i've not experience it but our boss has told us to get one wrist-rest each for our department.

One of us took the effort to do a survey at mall & digital mall in PJ to look for it. You don' t have to go to KL to get it okey.

After approval from our boss, we bought wrist-rest for our department. A cute doggy from LQ at OU. Tis is quite cool, it comes only in 3 colours, dark brown, light brown & grey. It has a bag for you to keep d dog.

And we named our dogs....(J named her dog Bob, L named hers Benji, S named it Bala, MO named it Bingo and mine is Booboo...hhehehe)

We also bought a keyboard rest from d digital mall. Its a normal gel-pad and its comfy.

After using em....we can feel d diffrence....its nice having em around...hehehe..


Vivien said...


where you get the 2 things, and how much it cost, my wrist getting painful too.


Dazzelyn said...

Sorry, its been a long time since i last did any updates on my blog. I've replied 2 ur questions.