Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dept Team Lunch

Today we had department team lunch. this time the Sales Director signed the bill. We had lunch at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant in Sheraton Subang, all 8 of us, 6 girls and 2 males.

Its sort of a special lunch for SOD as the SD wanna thanked us for our support to the Sales team and also to announced that the company did well for the year. Hopefully the support staff get to go to a nice place for incentive trip next year. As for the Sales Force team, they get to choose between New York, London or Japan for their incentive trip. We are happy that we achieved target again this year. Thanks to everyones' effort in the company as a whole. We had :-
Emperor 3 hot & cold combination.

Braised Fresh Scallop soup with spinach juice (green colour soup? but sedap!!)

Deep Fried Chicken with mango thai sauce (i've never enjoyed fried chic, but this is really nice!)

Stir Fried Prawn with marmite sauce

Braised Sea Cucumber with Black Mushrooms with Brocolli (the brocolli is a bit too hard)

Steam Cod Fish with Oyster Sauce (must order this dish cos its my fave)

Fried Rice with garlic, diced chicken & silver anchovies (by the time it came, tummy full oredi)

Steamed eye bean with read bean paste (don't really fancy this dessert but i still ate it!)

Beside discussing about next year's plans, SD also elaborate and explained to us regarding the rumours about our product patent expiry, etc. Finished our lunch at 2:30pm.

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