Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Hope its not too late to wish all Hindus, a Happy Deepavali. May the festival of lights brings lots of prosperity to the country and all its people.

As for me, i encouraged 'multi-cultural intergration' which is lacking nowadays. Yes, there are difference in opinions but at the end of the day, we're all Malaysians and we have to work in harmony with each other for the prosperity of our beloved country. Not a single race can claim they are better off then others cos we all have to work hand-in-hand, complementing each other!! Chewah, i hope i don't sound too patriotic.

I went back to Seremban last Wednesday. The next day, we all went and visit my MIL's gardener's house for his open house for lunch. His name is Subra and he has been working with MIL since my huby was in his teens. He's a humble person and his wife, Vilar, is just as nice. They lived somewhere in Mambau (20mins drive from Bukit Chedang).

It was my first time going to his house and its been 2-3 years since MIL last went for Deepavali cos it coincide with fasting month. Vilar cooked chicken curry, prawn sambal, mixed vege, fried fish n chicken, putu mayam and yellow rice. Then she specially prepared 'upuma' when my huby mentioned that i loved the malu!! All of us ate till we were still full to eat dinner that nite.

On Saturday I was invited for another open house for dinner. He stays in Kajang and its been quite sometime that i last went to his place. This time i get to persuade huby to come. So after fetching a fren and her son at Subang Jaya, we head to the Federal Highway at 8pm to convoi with another girlfren who doesn't know how to go to Nathan's place. Its a long drive tho.

My fren catered food from another ex-fren. We had briyani, chicken sambal, dhall, prawn sambal, mutton varuval, acar and papadum. Met some frens there too, Malays & Chinese. After having our desserts like, jelly, muruku, aci-muruku and ghee balls, we left around 10pm.

Its nice to mixed and catch up with old frens. I just enjoyed attending multi-cultural festive.

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