Monday, November 19, 2007


Yes, its about food again. During our PA trip to Malacca, we went 'venturing-taste' to different places for food.

1st day, we had our lunch at Peranakan Restaurant. They served fried garoupa fish, telur dadar, nyonya-style fishball + kacang panjang curry, asam prawns, ayam ponteh, beef cooked nyonya style, fried four angle bean, etc. Not badlah. I enjoyed the squid and the fish mostly. After food, we had dessert, of courselah, cendol!! And i have to tell you, its really really out of this world!! The gula-melaka memang original!! We had doubles and triple helpings....i wish i can have it again!

For dinner, we went to the Portugese settlement to sample their kinda food. There were so much dishes that the committee ordered and its only RM300!! So cheap! We had 2 types of crab, prawns, fish, taufu, vege and mee.

2nd day, lunch at the coffee-house. Then dinner at the Japanese restaurant. I don't fancy the food cos the taste is not that tasty.

3rd day, lunch is at Sri Nyonya and we had the normal chinese cuisine.

Back to ofis have to start reducing food intake oredi....putting on the kilos oredi...

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