Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa

17th November 2007 was the day we celebrated Papa's birthday. He is 64 years old. May Allah blessed him with abundance of good health, long-live, peace of mind, great wealth and loads of happiness.

I've always been my dad's daughter. I'm much more like him rather then my mom. I have most traits like him, eg. soft-spoken, lotsa humour, loving and much more humble (maybe sometimes tak kena tempat oso). But i'm generous, which is so unlike him. I will get all worked-up if anybody makes fun of him or intimidate him or talks bad about him cos i know he's so harmless. I don't care if people fight with my mom or intimidate her cos i know she can just lash back at them or give them a piece of her mind. My papa is different, he's just so in-capable of talking back to people and usually prefers to keep quiet. But don't wake a tiger taking nap cos you don't know what its capable off...hehehe...

We all took him to Boston Grill in Cheras. He and bro had beef sirloin, huby n me had fish n chips, mom had fisherman's platter while sil had mushroom chicken mushroom. We ordered 3 bowls of mushroom soup which is shared per couple. Then we ordered chicken quasidilas for starter before goffing down the main dish. We purposely didn't wana order each bowl of soup cos we won't be enjoying the main dish. That too the starter has made us half full. Sayang, everytime i wana try their dessert, don't have the chance just becos there's no more room in our stomach...shish!!

Hey, some of our pics....

The 'Supreme Girls' ?? Ahaks!!

Boys to Men??? Ahaks...

After diner, since there's no room for desert, we present papa with a small round cheese-cake and sang for him. He's so happy. Its so easy to make my dad happy. You just buy him a shirt and he'll be very happy (BTW, he loves shirts!). He is a non-fussy-easy-living creature and my mom is just so lucky to have him. He's gentle and yet down-to-earth. Love you papa.

Papa blowing the candle from the tiny cheese cake.

Papa, malu-malu makan cake

The ever loving couple (i hope to grow old like them also, loving n caring). Papa is sharing his cake with his beloved wife...nak kena share jugak ke?? hehehe...

May Allah bless them with bundles of happiness always till eternity, Amin.

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