Monday, November 26, 2007

Trip to Pavillion

Finally went to Pavillion yesterday. After having breakfast at Kayu, we head to KL city at 9.15am. Actually bee & me got a free ticket to watch any movies at the new GSC in Pavillion. We thot of taking the opportunity to go and check out Pavillion as well.

It was leisure drive, with a minor traffic jam at the Federal Highway, took the Smart Tunnel for a smooth ride and reached the mall at 10am plus. Went straight to GSC at Level 5 and redeem our tickets. We thot of watching The Transformers again. The show was at 12:20pm, so we had plenty of time to walk around the mall.

The first thing we must do is to head straight to Tangs Pavillion. Tastefully decorated and has private seating area for customers. Of courselah they have the latest collection and fashion. Being in Tangs itself, we felt like we're in Singapore. So happy to see Perllini. I used to buy their handbag range so yesterday sempat lagi buy one casual everyday 'black' handbag. psss....the best thing is, i don't have to pay for it...hehehe...

Pavillion is huge and nice plus they've got many shops. To me the environment is different from Star Hill or Suria KLCC. We didn't get the chance to visit Parkson. But we make a stop at the supermarket, Marceto. They sell many imported grocerries just like what Cold Storage can offer.

Most of all, we simply loved the food court, Food Republic. After the movie, we decided to eat and see what the food court can offer. There are so many choices, lotsa variety. The seating place is so exclucive. I had Ipoh Mihun Soup while Bee had Curry Mee. Its truly sedap! Before we left, we bought some bread from The Lavender Bakery. And also some Cakoi and Butterfly from a stall. Left the place close to 5pm. I must mentioned here that the parking ticket on weekend is quite pricey. We paid RM10 for the parking ticket. But Bee said its worth it!!

I liked the place. Too bad its far from our home. But we'll definately make more trips there.

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Sweettooth said...

I saja yg belum sampai ke pavillion. why didn't tarpau J.Co donuts? so u coming this Sun?