Monday, November 19, 2007

Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP)

All the PA's in the company went for a 3Days/2Nites off-site workshop in Equatorial, Malacca. On the 1st day, we all went to city-tour and did our shopping. We went to the clock-tower, tour the A-Famosa and shop at Jonker's street. We had our lunch at the Peranakan Restaurant. At nite, we all had diner at the Portugese settlement. After dinner, we had the chance to go to Mahkota Parade Mall. All of us walk back as the hotel is just walking distance, luckily the weather was good. Around 10:30pm, some of us head to the pub, Flo for some drinks and live-band.

We did a 4-6pm ice-breaker session, altho we know each other from different department, the ice-breaker sessions does more added-value.

The next day was a full day session, from 8:30am to 7:15pm. A lot of information was being fed by the facilitator. There were so many information that needed to be absorbed.

After dinner, four of us went for Trishaw ride at nite. I've never experience nite-trishaw but it was quite fun to be able to see Malacca at nite time. Later we all went to the pub again, to have a few drinks and listen to the Filipino live-band.

The next day we all had a half-day session. Then lunch and time to check-out. Reached office at 5:15pm. It was a tiring 3 days but all worth it!

PEP Workshop is very different from the routine management workshop that normally work on the behavioral of the participants. PEP works on the 'understanding' that people's behaviour is an expression of their attitudes which in turn are a product of their core personality. This workshop supposed to transform the participants at a deep core level resulting in long lasting attitude and behavioral improvement.

We learnt about how to manage health, emotions, thoughts and attitudes for managing the self efficiently and also learnt skills to manage relationships and handle situations at our workplace effectively.

At the end of the session, we, the PA's felt closer to each other then ever before. Our mission now is to have our own follow-up session monthly. Hopefully in due time, we'll become like a family and remain closer.

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