Monday, July 14, 2008

Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi

Last saturday, bee said he must take me to Aeon Bukit Tinggi which he wanted to do for few weeks back.

Ground floor view from lobby

We left our house around 11am. Took a drive to Klang and didn't like to road-trip. The place were having some constructions work hence the road track was quite bad.

View from the ground floor

To have a big shopping mall in Klang? Best jugak, no need to go KL. Of course new place and you mostly get nice ambiance. So we liked the place and there'll definately be more visits there....hopefully soon....hehehe...
They said its the largest Jusco in Malaysia?. Wait till u come in. Don't compare to Pavillion or Star Hill. You have to compare this mall with Jusco's other malls, then you'll know what i mean.

Some greenery part of the mall. They have a water feature there.
There're the bigges alrite! Its 3-4 stories high with lotsa shops. Altho' they don't have designer labels like Chanel or Coach but it has all those familiar shops u see in other Jusco. They've got lotsa restaurants/cafes too (Secret Recipe, Starbucks, Delifrance, etc), you'll be spoilt for choices. They also have TGV Cinemas, and of course, Jusco Departmental Stores and Supermarket. What else do you need, really?

Outside view from 1st floor.

We didn't really got all the time to survey the whole mall cos i've got to attend a colleagues's wedding. So we left around 4pm and bee took the Kesas highway back.
I took some of the pics....for fun. If you have time, go check out this place.

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