Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Actually there is nothing for me to blog. But i'm quite bored now and coincidently after lunch, a colleague bought for us karipaf. So i wanna share with you guys about karipaf.

There are so many types of karipaf nowadays (i'm referring to their fillings). They not only have the usual chicken curry with potatoes but they have sambal sardine, beef curry, coconut + udang kering and etc.
The karipaf that she bought for us is triple the size of the usual ones that you always buy. You can only get these XL karipaf in Dome or Secret Recipe or Ikea. This one is quite nice and it filled-up your stomach during your tea-time. Its curry chicken which is quite spicy and there is a quarter size of boiled egg inside, yummy.

I will be out of town this week so i won't be blogging for a few days. Have a great weekend.


Sweettooth said...

out of town, where to? and karipap itu amat menawan kalbu ku...

allaboutattitude said...

Another good place is SS2 corner shop opposite Prince cafe

BabyGD said...

hey D!

i also like karipap the one at ikea... makan satu dah kenyang okkk..