Monday, July 21, 2008

Waffles nite with my parents

Last friday after office, bee n me went to Putrajaya Hospital cos MIL (mother-inlaw) were admitted there for an eye operation. After visiting her, we went back to Shah Alam (its 9pm at that time). Papa called and asked whether we want to have waffles (he loves A&W waffles).....and since its friday nite, bee wants us to obliged. I was oredi so tired but didn't wanna dissappoint them. Took a quick bath and pack our clothes (since we might as well stay a nite a Kelana Jaya).

Fetched them close to 11pm. Wah...there were so many cars at the Federal Highway....hmmm...people are complaining that fuel is too high lar....all prices went up lar....tapi A&W PJ there were packed with people.

We ordered a waffles for each couple with 2 scoops of ice-cream and strawberry jam...emmmm memang sedap. In fact there was a long queue for waffles as well as the root-beer. We ordered 1 mug of large root-beer per couple with curly fries and onion ring....hmmm what a healthy supper....duh!!

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