Monday, July 07, 2008

Road Trip to Penang

Last friday, bee and i made a road trip to Penang. Wanted to have a break during the weekend. Actually the break is more about eating. We've been craving for authentic nasi kandar for some time oredi.

This time, everything has been arranged by my beloved other half. He arranged for accomodation, the trip and the food!! I think this is the most fullfilling trip to Penang ever!! We got to try different places and discover new eateries....syoknya!!

We left Shah Alam around 8:30am. I made us breakfast (sardine in olive-oil sandwiches) and 'ayam-salai' with coffee and we ate along the way while driving. We didn't wanna stop at any R&R and reached Butterworth around 12noon altho it was a leisure drive. Took the Ferry and get to park the car on the upper-deck of the ferry....nice view.

Tis time we stayed in Cititel. Reason being, its a walking distant to Chowrasta market. 2nd reason is its also walking distant to Sup Hameed. Since d petrol hike, bee planned that we do lots of walking instead of driving down to Chowrasta and don't waste unnecessary journey to find parking.

Oya, Cititel has upgraded its hotel. They've refurbished their rooms. This is how it looks like now and the view frm our room.

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