Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ole-Ole Bali

Yesterday was our movie day. Since the movie is starting at 8:00pm, we will usually have our dinner early. And since i do not wanna go 2 same outlet, i suggested bee if we could tryout new place....he agreed..hehehe...cos earlier he said he wana go for TGIF...sigh..

I've been to Bumbu Bali restaurant in Puchong with my colleagues before, so i thot why not tryout Ole-Ole Bali which have been in Sunway Pyramid for quite some time oredi.

Its nice to go to a new restaurant where bee and i haven't been to yet. There were just us when we first arrived (6:00pm). Bee ordered Nasi Campur Ole-Ole with extra nasi kunyit and cumi-cumi goreng. We decided to order only 1 dish cos i know the main dish is large, that's why we ordered just extra rice cos i can share other lauk with bee.

Nasi Campur Ole-Ole (RM30)
White rice with grilled prawns, grilled squid, grilled dory fish, a stick of lemon grass chicken, kangkung goreng, chicken curry & 2 types of sambal and achar bali style plus a cracker. The portion is definately generous, we shared pun still banyak. All were grilled at perfection, non too springy or too hard...just nice & tasty. D sambal is nice and the curry chicken is so tender. D fish tak hanyir langsung.

Cumi-Cumi Goreng (RM12)
Its actually fried squid (which is so tender and tasty) and some potato wedges. Dipped with their special mayonaise bali style. Even this dish is also generous servings.

Nasi Kunyit (RM2)
It taste like normal white rice, i guess its just the presentation.

The deco from inside is very 'the' Bali, accompanied with Bali music on the background plus water feature sounds...very soothing....

Another type of seating in the restaurant.

Outside seatings for smokers, its quite cozy.

Ole-Ole Bali serves indonesian food be it fusion or traditional. Portion is large, so you can opt to share with your loved ones. When we left the place close to 7:00pm, there were quite a few patron dining the place oredi. Its located at the ground floor, main entrance, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid.


allaboutattitude said...

Beautiful place. Didn't realize its in pyramid. But a bit pricy tho;

BabyGD said...

i've been there 2-3 kali kot... sebelah tu actually thai restaurant kan? ;p

u share with your bee, while me can finish it but tak licin ler. but still... the rice is very ciput jer...

i tak pernah masuk dalam, normally lepak kat smoking table tu jer.. ;p sedap kan?

Dazzelyn said...

allaboutattitude : maybe 2 person can share 1 meal n share dessert too :)

babygd : yes, very d sedappp :)