Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Manhatan Fish Market

Yesterday huby n i dah mati kutu dono what and where to eat. Since i come back late (means too tired to cook), we'll usually eat out. Bee just drove and end up in Subang Parade.

One of the deco in the restaurant.

We just checked out Nandos but it didn't tempt up at that particular time. We end up landing at its neighbour which is the shop that serves fishes. Decided to order platter for 2. I sort of stopped eating oyster and so asked them whether they could substitute it with others and they can!! Instead of getting 4 pieces of prawns, they gave us 8!! Bestnya!!! Actually the waitress asked whether we want to substitute it with squid or prawns, so we opted for the latter.

Generous on the fries sampai tak habis pun!

The 8 pieces succelent prawns...
Oya, the menus is new, so the prices of most of the meals has been increased!!.....hmmm nampaknya semua dah naik harga kan...but i guess its a matter of adjusting lar...ahaks!!

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