Friday, July 18, 2008

Durian Fest Again

Yezzzz, tis d season of the king of the fruits again!! And our sports club has organised a durian 'makan-makan' and all of us are so looking forward to it...yayyyy!!

Today, we get to sample the best grade durian...FOC!! It is the time of the year where all of us get to eat lotsa lotsa durians. Actually, there's also mangoesteen, but d durian cast a spell on us, that we only see DURIANS....hehehe.

But unfortunately, i can only eat 3 pieces....cos i felt muak-lah...hehehe...

This one is very the lemak (n with lotsa cholesterol)
The next day, went to my parents place and my mom served us two large bowls of durians which 6 of us ate all!!

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