Monday, July 07, 2008

Foodies up North

Authentic Nasi kandar, there's so many places that u can venture in Penang as most of it are authentic (except those commercialised ones, eg Kayu, Pelita, etc)

1st day in Penang, we must go to Yasmeen Restaurant (just beside Line Clear). Tis time i only wanted to have fish roe and squid roe with ladies finger. I do not want to eat anyting else beside that. Its soooo good....

(Restaurant Yasmeen)

After lunch, walked to chowrastar-market area. Cari 'air-sarbat' and 'takua-rendang' and the alleys beside the market. For some who don't know 'air-sarbat' is a cooling drink made of syrup with isi-kelapa and biji selasih (like small tadpoles)...perhhh..memang best giler. Had takua rendang, the takua is so bloddy soft and the cucur is so cruncy in the outside and soft in the inside....but unfortunately the sauce is not to my liking.


(Takua Rendang)

At Chowrasta, its a must for both of us to buy the 'buah berangan' and its 'cendol' lagi!!

Dah kenyang, we went to Gurney Plaza. I sempat lagi singgah its food court and get my 'asam-laksa'.....nasib baik sedap..

For dinner, we just walked to Sup Hameed. Had mee goreng, mihun goreng, sup ayam and roti canai. The soup is still good as well as the roti-canai but unfortunately their mee goreng and mihun goreng tak berapa sedap.


2nd day in Penang for lunch we went to Deen Restaurant at Jelutong. Just our luck cos we went there early (i think before noon) and they still have fish and squid row (kalau datang lambat, cepat habis). Bee asked me whether i'm sure i wanna have them again, i said i have to have it again and again cos u can't get it in KL..hehehe.. Maybe because everyting is still fresh and newly cooked, the food is just so superb!!

(bee's fried chicken, squid roe and bendi)

(my fish n squid roe, takue and bendi)

(our plate together)

After lunch, went to Queensbay Mall; watched movie and lepak there till evening before we stop-over at Gurney road to have their famous mee goreng Edgecombe. Actually i pun tak tau. Bee said he read somewhere that they are famous for its mee goreng and pasembur. Memang tak menghampakan, its very very sedap.

Mee goreng Edgecombe

After that we went back to hotel and refresh ourselves. Around 9pm we left to Ferringhi Night Market. So nice to see lotsa people with lotsa new things to see at the pasar malam. After the jalan-jalan, we wanted to try this new place. We heard about this place but didn't get the chance to go but since (earlier) bee sudah scout and found the place, better go man!!

(the queue)
Its Nasi Kandar Liyakat (nasi beratur). Imagine at midnite pun there are so many people lining up to eat nasi kandar!! But it was worth the queue as the food is really-really authentic!! We agreed that its our number 1 in the list for now!! As usual, i took nothing else but fish n squid row. The gravy is just so tasty and the rice-texture is simply the best (u need to effortlessly chew to know that its the right type of rice). Reached our hotel nearly 1am.

The fried fish roe is so damn good, squid roe and bendi...the kuah campoq is sedap!!!

Bee said the curry chicken is so tender....i agreed!!

I'm happy....look at our plate...licin!!


3rd day after breakfast, bee sampat bring me to Jalan Kulit to have the famous popia. Later jalan-jalan at its pasar pagi before we went back to hotel to pack.

After checking out, we went to Prangin Mall. Entah macam-mana we let ourselves get a foot-massage. It is so bloody cheap, at RM20 for 30minutes. I took the 30 minutes massage while hubby got the 45minites at RM30 only. After the massage we decided not to have rice cos it will make ourselves sleepy. Instead we just had pizza at Pizza Hut. Left Penang around 5pm.

Something rare happened to us. Our friend 'S' went to Penang to have her 'teambuilding' workshop at Pulau Jerejak. She left Penang on the same day with coach with her other 39 colleagues. At one particular highway she said she saw me from her coach. (What are the chances of you seing a fren at a PLUS highway??).

She quickly called me and we chatted. Nak jadi cerita we met at the Tapah R&R. Gave her a lift and reached KL at close to 9pm. Had dinner at Nasi Lemak Cikgu Kelana Jaya with her hubby and depart.

What a day! What a gluttony weekend indeed!! My stomach so happy....hehehe...


Sweettooth said...

Tu dia!!!! serams i tengok all the food!!! Nasi Kandar Liyakat, that's new to me...must try! must try!

Dazzelyn said...

we bot d book 'rasa penang', dats how we found out abt d place...hehe...