Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Ice Cendol Specialist

After lunch and jalan-jalan at Jusco Bukit Tinggi Mall, our feet were already tired cos there were lotsa walking. Before going home, i saw one shop that sells cendol and apom. Looked at the menus and interested to try. Huby is so reluctant and didn't encourage me cos he said there wasn't any 'halal' sign. I coaxed him jugak cos its says no pork n no lard. Furthermore its just cendol and apom.

Being a stubborn person, i insist nak try jugak so he just teman me only. I ordered one cendol-biasa and one 'apong-banana'. Its actually a crispy apon where they put in crushed peanut, butter and banana as a filling.

Verdict : the cendol is so not nice. I think they used instant santan, so the flavour didn't go well. Even the gula melaka pun 'tak sedap'. In the end, i'm just so dissappointed with the whole thing.

Verdict : apong banana....since i love banana, it taste sweet but the apom is just so-so. Maybe if you buy from the stalls outside, i guess it taste even better.

But at least i tried and i know i won't be visiting them anymore. Bee suka lar cos earlier he told me not to go....sigh...


Sweettooth said...

Dear, best tak Jusco Bkt Tinggi? I wanted to bring my parents there but dunno how to go. How far fr S.Alam?

Dazzelyn said...

hehe...i hv to ask allen cos if u take the kesas highway, its near. Nanti i ask him how to go...hehe

allaboutattitude said...

hmm, i wonder if there are other branches around?