Thursday, July 30, 2009

First day team building

We left office around 9am and all of us wore our department t-shirt. Make a stop at a nearby mamak shop for b'fast. Reached PD within 1 and a half time. Its a good day to travel cos its not hot but then it was drizzling.

Checked-in and meet up for lunch. We ordered ala-carte and shared a delicious banana-split...imagine 8 of us shared 1 ice-cream?!! But if was fun and everybody get to taste. We were kinda stucked in the hotel cos it was raining. Alas, we unanimously decided that we go for our water activities in d rain.

First, we went for kayaking. A pair with each kayak. Altho it rain but the sea-waves were not that strong, so we can kayak safely.

After kayak, we all went for a banana-boat ride. Its my first time and i enjoyed it sooo much!!...i was having so much fun, i had to wave to the camera in tis pic...hehehe...

Our last water activity, a speed-boat bumpy-ride , we had to be split into 2 groups cos the boat can only take 4 passengers. The driver took us to a place where they have corals and we're supposed to feed the fishes. I tink we were sorta 'conned' ....cos there wasn't any fish....or maybe d fish didn't wanna come up cos its was raining??

After all the activities, we all went back to our rooms to refresh ourselves. Went to Legend Water Chalet (which is about 20min drive from our hotel) to have our dinner. Food was not that good but the place is nice tho'.

After diner and back to our hotel, we went to check out their lounge cos they have a live-band that nite. Coincidently, the hotel top management was having a 'screen-test', to choose a suitable live-band for their hotel. The GM, F&B, Sales Director was there to entertain us too. So some of our drinks were on the house!!

I loike d lounge cos its by d beach side...and so its breezy. We stayed till after midnite.

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