Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ice Age 3, Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The 3rd installation that we saw last week were hillarious.

Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, and Scrat encounter a dinosaur population which survived extinction in its tropical paradise, which existed below the thick layers. Meanwhile, Crash and Eddie are up to their usual crazy selves. Manny and Ellie have since become an item are going to have their first baby, and Manny wants everything to be perfect when his baby arrives. Diego is tired of being treated like a "House-cat" and ponders the notion that he's being too laid back. Sid starts to wish for a family of his own until......(u gotta watch it yoursef...)

This movie is entertainingly good for kids...but we adults enjoyed it too. Look out for Scrat...he's cute and he gotta a bigger role this time...hehehe...

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