Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dim Sum before the fasting month

Cuzin F.Cantona is craving for dimsum!!! She said we muz have our dose of dimsum before d fasting month starts. Bee said he dowana go drive all the way to KL to have dimsum, hence he said Quality hotel in Shahalam had a promotion. So Aunty M and cuzin F.Cantona agreed to to have it there. So today everyone of us are available, didn't make any reservation, so we juz walk-in. We were the first to reach the restaurant but later the place was almost full.

The price is reasonable...and their dimsum?? Memang sedap!!! We called out the chef to thank him on his delicious dimsum. They had variety of dimsums and the buffet table that served desserts were aplenty. Their selection of steam and fried, memang best!!

The hotel after their renovation is so much better. After dimsum, we juz walk across the road togoto Plaza Alam Sentral for jalan-jalan before all of us went back to our homes to rest.

We planned to got there again...maybe after the fasting month pulak..hehehe...

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