Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunday activities & outing

Last sunday, my sis-inlaw and me woke up at 6:30am to set up table and prepare the ingredient to make for breakfast. I taught SIL how to make pancake while i made pita-bread filling. After preparing the ingredient, by 7:15am, we woke our husbands up and make a drive to KJ's lake for some exercise.

It was a good day, it juz rained at dawn and by the time we went for our morning walks, it was breezy and cooling. So many people at the lake doing some light jogging, exercise and running. By 8:30am, we were already at home to preparing the end-product of our breakfastand had our breakfast at 9:30am, with my parents.
We had our pancakes with butter & honey. While i made 2 types of pita fillings (mashed boiled eggs and black pepper chicken fillet). This week, we're going for western breakfast....maybe next week....local breakfast?? The breakfast was kinda heavy but hopefully healthy lah..hehehe..
After breakfast, bee & i went to Curve for our weekend window-shopping and to meet our couple good frens. Had our lunch at MFM and catch up with latest news. So much fun goin out with them, so much things to share and by late evening, we all went back to our homes.

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