Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Two and Day Three of our Teambuilding

Our second day of teambuiling were at Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson. Its a 15mins drive from our hotel. Tis place is known for its teambuilding activities.

Today, we're supposed to do a 20 obstacles teambuilgin and one of them is absailing. I was sooo determine todo absailing (when i was in KL lah) but in the end, when i reached the place, i was very very reluctant becos i was afraid for my ankle plus i also chiken out lah....hehehe.... The height of the thing is quite scarry woh (not sumtin dat i had in mind). In the end only 3 people from our team did it!!. Hats-off to them for having the guts todo it, one of em is of course lah our ahboss.

After absalling we had to complete another 19 obstacles. I only did those which will not hurt/aggrivate my ankle. It was so much fun cos we all get to destressed ourselves.

Later we were taken for a horse ride and go-kart, (2 of the sports that i'm familiar with). Lastly we did treasure hunt. All the activities were supposed to end in the evening but we managed to complete all within half a day (a record time...wink*wink*hahahaha...)

We all had lunch at a cafe at Eagle Ranch. Reached our hotel around 3pm. Since its still early, some of us decided to play Pictionary. Our boss and 2 of our collegues didn't join....but we had so much fun playin'. We gave ourselves 1 and a half hour to play. Later 3 of us went to the pool for a nice dip before we get ready for dinner at the so called famous seafood restaurant....but we get to see beutiful sunset from our restaurant.

After dinner, we adjourned to the coffeehouse for our Haagan Daz Banana Split (2nd time, d concotion is delicious, hence we wanted to have it again). After ice-cream, we all lepaq at the lounge to listen to the live-band. A 3 piece guy band.....

The next day, the 4 of us woke up early to go for 'power-walk'.... to explore the beach and hotel's front area. After the walk, we adjourned for breakfast. Go back to our rooms and pack. Had lunch at the hotel's chinese restaurant, complimenary for the F&B Mgr.

Left the hotel around 2pm and reached our office safely. It was a heck of a teambuilding & we enjoyed 'em to the max!!

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