Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Organic!!

Today we went organic!! I've been wanting togoto this place for quite some time oredi...our colleage Pri*am has voluntereed to drive us there. Another 2 colleagues didn't know that Pri*am and i planned togo there....they were sort of 'con' into going there wif us...hehehe...

The place is in USJ Subang Jaya. The food is good and reasonable. For a plate of brown meehoon-tomyam at RM8.90, you will be given a bowl of clear vegetable soup each, a rojak pickle, a bowl of fruits and a bowl of dessert of d day each. Ironically, after eating here, you won't feel thirsty like u used to if u goto sum other restaurants....of course msg!! Their black pepper fried rice its delicious too.

M didn't enjoy her meal cos she's a pure 'carnivouros'..hehehe....but S and me luffd it!! I don't mind goin there again.

After lunch, we browse the store and I bought a few organic foodies for myself. A seedless grape for me and a packet of sunflower seed for bee.

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