Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aladin Restaurant

Aladin Restaurant is a Chinese/Muslim restaurant. They recently open at the Kelana Jaya new shops. We've been frequenting the area but haven't got the chance to go. Have heard from friends about the good food.

So yesterday, bee and i tried it out. We ordered Nestum Fried Prawns and Steam Tofu with Seafood. The waitress said the portion is big for 2 people, so she suggested that we don't order more then two. Nasib baik she is so baik hati to advise us cos the portion is really really big and its not fit for 2 pax...maybe 3-4 pax.

We had the dishes with rice and memang mengenyangkan. The ambiance is cozy and the food is definately tasty. Presentation is very well. Their utensils are quality. Price is a bit on the pricey side. Both of us had rice with 2 dishes and 2 hot water cost us RM59.

Next time if you wanna go, make sure you go with more people so that you can enjoy the food more.


Sweettooth said...

U know I baru teringat nak gie Aladdin this weekend. But kat KJ which side?

Dazzelyn said...

just opposite the kelana parkview, yang ada mcdonals tu. njoy d food:)